At Frolona Farm we play instruments and build them too. Josh builds custom guitars, banjos, ukuleles, lap steel guitars, and more. Each instrument is designed alongside the customer and photos of the construction or a visit to the workshop can be arranged. We source much of the wood from old growth trees on the farm. The trees are individually harvested, milled, and stored/dried to perfection on farm. We seek to get off-farm wood from companies that harvest beautiful wood sustainably.

We also take great pride in restoring old instruments that have been stuffed in attics or forgotten in the corner of your house, so give us a call and we can do an assessment of its condition and quote to make it playable again!

It’s important to us that instruments are accessibly priced so if you have an instrument you would love to have made or restored but don’t think you can afford it, contact us, you might be surprised. 

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